Attention to detail

We are responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of retractable, fixed and lecture theatre seating systems. Based in the UK we offer innovative and reliable designs to suit almost any application.

Made in the UK

All of the products we offer are made in our South Yorkshire factory; they are designed and manufactured to the highest standards by our long serving highly skilled workforce.

Attention to detail

From the start of the process when we carry out the site survey you are in good hands, our “in house” design office provides the bespoke approval drawings which once approved form the blueprint of the works, then the process begins. From years of experience and the benefit of thousands of vastly differing projects we can tailor exactly our products to suit your requirement. There is no need to feel limited by sizes as there are few standards, there is no need to feel limited by materials, we can utilise almost anything, we are limited only by physics.


We procure timber only from sustainable sources to the best quality standards. With full CNC capabilities these sustainable timbers are skilfully manipulated to the required size, be it for a deck board, seat back or writing ledge. To increase our environmental efficiency any waste timber goes into our shredder and then on to our briquette press. These machines will allow us to convert all the waste timber into briquette blocks that are used on domestic fires. Most of the briquettes will be used at our registered office to fire the boiler giving heat and hot water.


Sourced locally from the South Yorkshire region the “heavy” part of our manufacturing process often gives the integral strength to our units and seating. Be it fabricated in one of our many welding bays or punched on one of our state of the art presses the steel components are put together with the care and attention to detail you’d expect.

Power coating

The most recent addition to our factory, we have a newly installed powder coating plant which we see as the final part of the jigsaw, this now gives us total control every step of the way. The new plant sees steel go through the latest iron phosphate 3 phase pre treatment process prior to being sent into the drying oven prior coating. The process is then completed using top quality polyester powder before passing through to curing.


Individually hand cut to allow any size to be used, the material is then sewn up to form the seating covers. Upholstered using only the highest grade CMHR foam each component is hand finished by one of our skilled upholsterers. Only contract grade materials are used in this part of the process to allow us to meet the very strict fire regulations and ware ability criteria.

Paint shop

One of the areas we are most proud of, the finish to our timbers in particular is an essential part of the product once we hand it over. We use the latest techniques with environmentally friendly products combined with some old fashioned methods to get that individual quality feel.


Carried out by our dedicated team of site installers each project is carefully fitted and completed to meet the very high standards we demand. All of our installation team carry CSCS cards with the supervisors also having the 5 day training certificate. For each project our in house Health and Safety department undertake a site specific risk assessment and method statement, we provide inspection and sign off sheets to give comfort to our end users the works have been completed to their total satisfaction.

Happy to help

We have a specialised team of local area managers offering on site design and costing assistance, please call our sales office to arrange a visit; alternatively we can develop your needs electronically or via telephone. Our in house design team with full CAD capabilities can provide proposal drawings to help with the visualisation of your seating needs. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.