Fold down chairs

Fold down auditorium seating for lecture theatres

Retractable seating systems have long been used in many locations, including lecture theatres amongst others. To try and offer maximum flexibility to the venue whilst also providing a genuine lecture theatre seating solution, our range of fold down chairs includes the option of having a continuous writing surface for students to make use of.

Offering a huge space benefit over the traditional solution, users have ample room to take notes or even use a laptop computer. Once stored away, the ledges at the top of the fold down chairs slide away to give an attractive facade to the retracted unit. We can tailor most of our seats to suit this application, but the ASL 11 high back chair offers the optimum comfort whilst providing a “modesty” effect by meeting the underside of the ledge behind.

Get in touch with our sales department and they can offer advice and assistance on the specification and layouts.


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