Lecture FAQ’s

What size of lecture seating is available?

The size of a seat depends on many factors – where it is used, if it has arms, and how much space there is. Since all of our products are designed to suit your requirements, we have no standard lecture theatre seating sizes. Incremental-sized seats are not used; space between aisles is maximised to give the most generous seat space possible. As a guide, chairs without arms should be no less then 450mm, and chairs with arms no less than 490mm. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer advice for your particular project.

Can lecture chairs be tailored to suit?

Our lecture chairs can be fitted in any way: floor-fixed, riser-fixed, portable and removable (to allow for the provision of wheelchair-bound patrons). We also offer special mobile writing ledges that can be used by wheelchair-bound patrons to provide a fully-adjustable writing surface, allowing complete autonomy for the user.

Can curved layouts be achieved?

We have a wealth of experience designing lecture theatre seating, in both straight and curved rows. Our fixed tiering can be fitted to almost any curve/radius, and most of the seats can be adapted to suit. Writing ledges are manufactured here in our factory, with our state of the art CNC machines allowing the exact radius to be achieved.

Can you provide fixed tiering/stepped flooring to a lecture theatre?

This is one of our specialities – we have installed our bespoke tiering at many of the UK’s largest universities, which can be tailored to your specific requirements.
It is common for the tiering to bridge over and around ducting, allowing air to be pushed from below and delivered through grills/diffusers in the riser face or treads.
Additional layers of deck or dampening pads can be fitted to improve the absorption of the structure and keep footfall reverberation to a minimum. All tiering is installed to meet and often exceed current BS standards, with calculations supplied if required.
We can provide rails or balustrades if needed, in addition to carpeted floor finishes, and in the past we have worked with other specialist contractors to get the exact final requirements. CAD files can be exchanged to ensure complete co-ordination of detailed dimension information.

Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide assistance for your particular project.

What row risers are available?

We can tailor the row rise to suit your building and sight line requirement. Variable risers or incremental risers are designed to the millimetre to allow the structure to work best for your application. Minimum and maximum dimensions apply to meet building regulations, but we can advise you on the specifics.

What row depths are available?

As with the row risers, row depths are designed to meet your specific needs, given the importance of sitting positions when using a lecture theatre seating. It is vital that lecture chairs are located the correct distance from the writing surface in order to maximise comfort, whilst also complying with regulations in regards to means of escape.

What finishes are available?

We have a selection of standard offerings, but we have used a range of suppliers from all across the globe, so you won’t be limited by choice.

Seating fabric

Our fabric comes from the Bradbury Contracts Fabrics Flamblend range of FR Tweed, with no restrictions on colour choice. We have often used multi-colour layouts to create interest on the seating unit; feel free to contact us and our in house design department will mock up a drawing.

Writing ledges / modesty panels

A recent addition to our facility is our new CNC/edge-banding equipment. Ledges and modesty panels are manufactured using MDF and finished with a choice of colours from the ‘Egger Zoom’ range of plastic laminates, complete with matching edges.

Outside backs/under-seat bottoms

In most instances, these are upholstered to match the main body of the seat. We can provide plastic or timber panels to create a special look or feel. We have also provided perforated under-seat panels to assist with acoustic properties.


All metalwork is powder-coated in-house to RAL 7016 anthracite grey. We are always happy to use a specially selected RAL colour to match your building’s colour scheme.