Retractable Seating

Retractable seating is most often found in large sports stadiums to enable the venue to host a variety of events which may require different field shapes (rectangular, oval, etc.) On a smaller scale, retractable seating is also incredibly useful indoors, particularly when there isn’t a lot of space or where fixed seating would render the room useless. Auditoria Services provides retractable seating systems that are reliable, sturdy and long lasting – we’ve fitted them in venues around the world for the last three decades, and they continue to perform to the highest levels.

A very popular piece of retractable seating is our timber bench, which is the perfect mass-seating solution for schools and sports halls to seat a large number of people in one place.

Our retractable seating and fold down chairs are used in venues from primary schools through to conference centres. Any venue requiring a flexible solution for their space can utilize one of our retractable seating solutions; they provide excellent, comfortable seating when extended, and a feature or rebound wall when folded away. Sports halls can benefit from our bleacher seating, which represents outstanding value for events such as basketball, hockey and much more.

For more information on our retractable seating options, or for advice on what kind of seating you will need, contact us today or view our brochures for all of our seating options.