ASL 20 Folding Sports Seating

The ASL 20 folding sports seating is the start of our individual chair products within our retractable seating range. With polypropylene seats and backs, this model provides the durability normally associated with a football stadium chair, making it an excellent choice for high-use environments where only something robust will suit.

Seat – Folding Sports Seating

390mm deep front to back by 420mm side to side. The shell of the ASL 20 folding sports seating is contoured to allow for a comfortable sitting position. It is supported on a ‘seat ring’ constructed from round tube and finished with oven-backed epoxy paint RAL 7016 Black.

280mm top to bottom by 390mm side to side. The shell is contoured to create a lumbar support with a ‘roll’ on the top part of the shell.


Constructed from hollow section steel and plate, complete with sprung ‘auto-tip’ seat brackets to BS5216 ND/3. All steelwork is finished in oven-baked epoxy power coating to RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey.

Arms (Optional)

250mm length in black plastic.

Plastic Shells

Seats and backs moulded and anatomically-contoured in colour. Compounded polypropylene with a smooth finish, along with anti UV & anti-static additives. Colour chosen from standard range (6 colours).