Most Annoying Audience Habits

At Auditoria Services we are proud to be leading supplier of cinema seating and theatre seating for numerous venues up and down the UK. Despite the hard work that goes into the design and manufacture of our seating, we know that even if you are sitting comfortably, your viewing pleasure can be greatly ruined by the irritating habits of other people.

Whether it be at the cinema, the theatre or during an especially interesting lectures, there’s guaranteed to be a minority who insist on ruining it for everyone else. Here are a few of the most common complaints from theatre and cinema goers:

Most common irritating audience habits

Inappropriate consumption of food and beverages

There are many ways to disturb your fellow cinema goers by the way you eat your food and drink your drink. The incredibly annoying rustling of sweet packets is an especially heinous crime, as is the incessant slurping of drinks as these people desperately try to get the last drop of their Fanta. The noisy munching of crisps is also reported as a much hated behaviour.

Talking during the film

Unless it’s an emergency, there really is no need to be talking through the film, play or lecture. A quiet whisper to your neighbour of “What’s he been in?” or a respectful “excuse me” as you head to the toilet can be forgiven. However, what’s really intolerable are those people who insist on providing the whole room with their usually less-than-insightful comments on proceedings. We didn’t ask for a director’s commentary, and you are not the director.

Seat kicking

Another annoying trait some people have is to kick the back of your chair during the film or play. As manufacturers of cinema and theatre seating, we find this very annoying and we know that you hate it when your viewing enjoyment is ruined by someone who can’t keep their feet to themselves.

Mobile phone offences

Probably the worst crime to commit as an audience member is the unnecessary use of your mobile phone. Whether it be trying to slyly check Facebook, or your phone going off at a crucial moment of the performance, mobile phones offences are deemed unforgivable by most spectators.

At least the seating is good

At Auditoria we hope your viewing experience isn’t tarnished by inconsiderate spectators, but if it is, you can take heart from the fact that our theatre and cinema seating is extremely comfortable and practical so at least it’s not your seat that ruins the show.

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