Bleacher Seating – Great for Schools

Bleacher seating is a great way to give students a chance to support sports teams or to provide extra seating for an event.

Easy to slide back to minimal storage, the bleacher seating options are great for storing down the side of a sports hall that is used for many different activities including games, talks and assemblies.

Simply slide them out to the side of the court or pitch and you have a tiered seating arrangement that students and family members can use to watch their classmates and children compete.

If you want to use bleacher seating in the classroom, then you can get an upholstered bench bleacher seating that is perfect for storing in classrooms when extra seating is needed.

The raised profile of bleacher seating means that everyone can have a clear, unrestricted view of the game, lecture or event that they are watching, so nobody can complain about not being able to see.

Storing bleacher seating is easy, many sets can be stored side by side once folded away to be stored in one place, perfect for if your school has a large sports equipment storage space as they can just be wheeled out when necessary.

Fixed bleacher seating is ideal for outdoor areas and is weatherproofed to protect them from the rain. These do not come upholstered and are usually made out of wood or metal to provide maximum stability and performance in all weathers.

Fixed bleacher seating is perfect for sidelines of sports pitches and usually provide more than enough space for classmates, friends and family to all have a great view of the game.

Outdoor concerts are the perfect opportunity for fixed bleacher seating, and many places have a designated outdoor area with bleacher seating to allow for outdoor concerts or plays without people having to sit on chairs or on the ground.

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