Cinema Seating – See the Silver Screen in Comfort

When you go to the cinema you don’t often consider the kind of cinema seat that you will be sitting in for the next couple of hours. The most you will ever probably think about it is getting the best seats when you enter the theatre.

Cinema seating is important for many reasons, the most important of which is comfort. You want to be comfortable when you spend a couple of hours watching a film, being sat awkwardly or in an uncomfortable seat can ruin even the best of films.

Many theatres have cinema seating that is upholstered and pleasant to sit on, although many other factors come into play such as leg room and the ever-present debate of whose armrest belongs to whose seat. These things can be overcome by getting quality cinema seating that won’t cause arguments or discomfort to anyone.

Some cinemas have ‘luxury screens’ that have plush leather cinema seating with tables and their own dedicated arms with plenty of leg room, but this kind of cinema seating would never be available for the main screens as it would mean that the screen would lose a lot of capacity.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to provide comfortable cinema seating en-mass though. At Auditoria Services we can provide high quality cinema seating for any theatre to give viewers the chance to enjoy the best of the silver screens in absolute comfort.

We have a variety of models, from the luxurious models that have high back, deep cushions and wide arms to the more basic models that have jacket covers and smaller arms as opposed to being completely upholstered.

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