Fold Down Chairs – Lecture Theatre Seating

When sitting in a lecture or at the cinema, comfort is the priority. However, when the talk is over and everybody files out of the lecture hall, sometimes you don’t want your chair taking up lots of room. Fold down chairs provide a great combination of comfort and ease of use with space saving benefits. Here are some of the reasons you should consider fold down seating in your conference room, auditorium, lecture hall or theatre.

Advantages of fold down chairs

The obvious benefit of fold down chairs is the extra space you save when the chairs are not in use. Not only are these seats neater and more compact, they also provide a clearer route to the exit of the room in the case of an emergency evacuation or just for those who need to leave during the lecture.

Ample work surface
Fold down chairs offer the luxury of extra space for note taking or using a laptop computer. You can have a continuous writing surface as opposed to a fold out mini desk which can be difficult and cumbersome to use over long periods.

No compromise on comfort
You may think that a fold down chair would mean compromising on comfort, when compared to static seating. With Auditoria Services this is not the case. Our fold down seats are manufactured with comfort in mind, with high backs to offer support even during the longest of talks.

Auditoria Services- Fold down chairs for your lecture hall

Fold down chairs are an important components of lecture seating. At Auditoria we are experts in providing expertly manufactured lecture seating for a wide variety of venues. Don’t compromise comfort for practicality and give Auditoria Services a call today.

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