Folding Sports Seating – ASL 20 Plastic Chair

With numerous high-profile sporting events taking place this summer, and the start of the football season being just around the corner, it seems pertinent to highlight the kind of folding sports seating that Auditoria provides. Anybody who has been to a sports stadium will be immediately familiar with the classic plastic fold down chairs, and our own version of this tried and tested design is the ASL 20 plastic chair. We’ve listed a few qualities of this product which makes it ideal for your own sporting events, or anything where you require something which can handle intensive use:

Robust and hard-wearing

It goes without saying that at some point, a crowd of people watching any kind of sporting event are going to get excited, jump up cheering and generally give their seats a hard time. Our folding sports seating is specifically designed with this in mind, and can take almost any type of punishment thrown at it!

Compact, space-efficient design

Fold down chairs are not a new invention by any means, and can be found in most large arenas, stadiums and so forth. Despite this, not all of the folding sports seating found in these locations is particularly crowd-friendly, with bulky designs meaning that audience members often have to squeeze past those who are already seated. The ASL 20 accommodates for this and provides enough space for you to have a comfortable seating experience, whilst also leaving enough room for others to get past.

Wide range of colours available

As well as the practicality of the design, we’ve taken into account that plastic folding sports seating isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing. As such, the ASL 20 can come in a variety of different colours for a solution that is easier on the eye, and can be placed in any orientation to even create a picture or logo out of the seats!

Comfortable for long periods

The main downside of plastic seating over anything cushioned is that it is inevitably going to be less comfortable to sit on. This is not necessarily the case with our folding sports seating, with a contoured plastic shell to provide lumbar support for the lower back, ensuring that an audience member can sit for lengthy periods without experiencing discomfort.

If you need fold down chairs for a sporting event or other high-use situations, consider the ASL 20 or one of our other retractable seating solutions.

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