What is retractable seating?

What is retractable seating?

Retractable seating, sometimes known as ‘telescopic seating’ or ‘bleacher seating’, is a form of seating which can be folded away to the width of a single row when not in use. Retractable seating is perfect for venues which do not have the luxury of a lot of space as it can be stored in a small portion of the room or in a separate room. Flexibility does not mean compromising comfort however, with retractable seating used for long lectures, film or all day events.

What are the advantages?

The main advantages of retractable seating are the following:

-  Flexibility – Retractable seating gives you the option of stowing it away when not in use, and can be pulled out for use with ease compared to static seating.

- Space saving- Its retractable nature is a great space saving feature for multi-purpose or smaller venues.

- Comfort- Despite its flexibility, retractable seating is perfectly comfortable even for long events.

What are the uses?

Retractable seating can be used to great effect in sports halls, where temporary seating can be necessary for matches or school assemblies, in fact it’s great for any kind of temporary event such as a show, talk or lecture. This type of seating is also very effective when the space is normally needed for other uses, and seating is only required on an infrequent or ad hoc basis. Retractable seating can also be employed when additional seating is needed for especially large events, due to its flexibility.

Auditoria Services

Our retractable seating has been in used in a wide variety of settings from primary schools to conference centres, and we have years of experience providing top quality, durable seating solutions for many different venues.

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