Timber Bench – Ideal for Sports Halls & Gymnasiums

The timber bench is an ideal seating solution for sports halls and gymnasiums where a temporary, space saving type of seating is needed. The beauty of a long bench is that there is no space wasted by gaps in between seats, arm rests or anything attributed to traditional bleacher seating. Timber benches are perfect for schools and colleges where large number of people need to be accommodated. Here are some of the key benefits of timber bench seating.

Space saving
The main benefit of a timber bench is the space saving capacity they posses. With no arms or gaps between seats, more people can fit onto the benches thus increasing the capacity of the venue.

Durable and hard wearing
Made using high pressure bonding technology, the timber bench is one of the most durable and hard wearing seating solutions out there, making it ideal for use in schools where there is a large number of users and high potential for scuff and knocks.

Aesthetically pleasing
These timber benches give a real American high school feel, adding a real sense of sporting professionalism to your sports hall or gymnasium. Made with beautifully finished MDF, timber seating is smart and compact.

Flexibility of use
Retractable with the additional option of a backrest, the timber bench is extremely flexible in the way it can be employed and is much more practical than a traditional fixed seating arrangement.

So to give your sports hall a smart and professional look, whilst not forgetting practicality and space saving, the timber bench could be the ideal seating choice for you.

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