Tip Up Bench Seating – The Seating Solution

Everyone will have encountered tip up bench seating before, whether it is at the cinema or in arenas, we are used to using this kind of seating on a daily basis.

But why is it such an effective seating option?

Places with a high turnover of users, such as cinemas and schools, have to have a means of allowing people to exit quickly and safely. This is also in their best interest as it prevents queueing and waiting around for people to file around static chairs.

They allow users to file in along an entire row, without having to squeeze around people or climb over seats to get to their number. These numbers are conveniently placed on the underside of the seat when in use, meaning they are on display when the seat is vacant. This allows people to quickly find their seat without having to look underneath, or the venue having to compromise on comfort by putting the number elsewhere.

This system works with a row number added to the end of the aisle, and makes it extremely easy for visitors to find their seat quickly. A bonus for large venues where plenty of people are likely to be trying to find their seat at once, such as a football stadium.

Tip up bench seating is available in a range of styles, colours and standard of upholstery. From the outdoor-ready plastic that you find on the terraces of football grounds, to the plush luxury that you can find in many cinemas. This means that tip up bench seating can have a wide price range depending on the style, quantity and quality you are looking for.

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