Our Tiering Types

We provide a variety of fixed tiering and fixed or portable retractable tiering types. Each of our units are bespoke for each project. This allows us to create the ideal seating solution that best fits the needs of the customer, the available space and any other used the venue may have. We can design a unique unit to fit seamlessly into your space, regardless of its size or shape. From theatres to cinemas or lecture halls to arenas we can create the perfect seating unit for you.

To perfectly fit your venues style and your requirements, we provide a wide selection of finishes and optional add-ons for each aspect of our units. Such as carpets and hard wood flooring, Metal work finishes, Seating types and more. All our tiering types can then be toped of by one or a combination of our customisable seating options. We have a wide selection of seating ranges specially designed in meticulous detail. To fit each our fixed tiering and fixed or portable retractable tiering units.

Check out some of our completed project case studies, such as our tiered seating in Theatre Royal Haymarket, Leicester Curved Theatre and many more.