Integral Portable Retractable Units

Our Integral Portable Retractable Units

Integral Portable Retractable units are very similar to normal portable units with all the same benefits in space saving and flexibility, with the unit functioning in a very similar way. The difference in these units is rather than using an additional machine to move the unit such as a fork lift truck or our transporter trolleys, hydraulic transporters are built into the units allowing them to be risen a wheeled around with ease. These units are available in all three closing options we offer. (Standard Close, Reverse Close, and Reverse Partially Open) to perfectly fit your needs.


Moving your Integral Portable Unit:

Once the Integral Portable Unit has been fully closed. And the foot lock break on the back of the unit has been risen. The unit can be raised via the manual hydraulic pump on the back of the unit.

Once the unit has been raised the portable system can be moved around any flat space. When in position, by releasing the hydraulic system and re-engaging the floor lock the retractable unit can then be opened and closed for use.

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