Portable & Removable Seating

In multiple use venues, such as sports halls or gymnasiums where permanent seating is not feasible, our wide range of Portable & Removable Seating is the ideal solution. This flexible seating option can complement your existing Auditoria seating solution to increase capacity when needed, or be utilized as a standalone solution. Our seating is customized to suit your space, with a variety of finishes available to match any existing seating. The Stanchions and upholstery are tailored to fit your layout, providing a seamless integration with your venue.In addition to flexibility, our Portable & Removable Seating is designed with inclusivity in mind. Chairs can be quickly and easily removed to accommodate wheelchairs without obstructing the aisle, allowing the occupant to be seated with the rest of the audience. With this seating solution, inclusivity is just as important as flexibility.