Theatre Seating

Theatre seating is used in many venues beyond just traditional theatres, from corporate head offices through to state of the art cinemas. All our chairs offer a range of features which can be customized to suit the desired appearance or meet a specific budget requirement – retractable or fixed, wooden or upholstered arms, timber outer panels, seat numbers and row letters can all be added. Regardless of any customisation choices, all of our theatre seating is designed with durability, practicality, comfort and total flexibility in mind.

The retractable theatre seating illustrated below shows an overview of what we can provide:

Theatre Seating – Versatile and Durable

There are different kinds of theatre seating available depending on the intended purpose. If you want to make the most of the space available, retractable theatre seating is an ideal option. This will make it easy for people to enter and leave the theatre, and allow you to fill the theatre to capacity without compromising on comfort.

If you have plenty of space to use, for example, in a small lecture hall or a conference room, fixed theatre seating is the better choice. Fixed theatre seats tend to be more comfortable than retractable theatre seating given that they are fixed in place, ensuring that no amount of comfort is lost. You can be sure that with fixed theatre seating, your audience will be able to sit in comfort.

The ASL 1 is one of our most popular choices of theatre seating, and it is the mainstay of our selection. A good, all-round seating choice, the ASL 1 will not disappoint and can withstand extensive usage.

See our other seating options at Auditoria Services, or view our brochures for the kinds of seating available.

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