How do lecture chairs differ from regular seating?

With swathes of students piling in and out of lecture theatres, the seating has to be able to withstand the rigours of university life. There are also some very specific features which makes lecture theatre chairs different from regular seating which you might find in a cinema or theatre, for example.

Writing desks

One the of the unique features of lecture chairs is the writing desks, enabling the diligent student to take notes during the lecture. Generally, there are two types of writing desk. The first is the fold away desk, which provides a small desk to lean on that can be folded away when not in use.

There is also the fixed writing ledge, which runs across the front of each row of seats, providing a continuous writing surface. Although not as space saving as the fold away, it does provide a more practical and comfortable note taking area.

Laptop access

In the past, desks may have had an ink well or pen holder. These days it’s all about laptop access. Lecture theatre seating, especially with the continuous front bench set up will often have a designated hole for a laptop power cable or ethernet cable, keeping your audience powered up and connected.

Fold up seats

Fold away seating is a common feature of lecture theatres in order to save space. Not only this but with many students crammed into one room, this extra space makes leaving the room much easier in case of an emergency or especially dull lecture!


Durability is surely one of the most important factors when choosing a lecture chair, with the constant comings and going of students, heavy bags and scratching of pens, you need seating which is hard wearing and durable.

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